A new project means early mornings at Coney Island

I'm not sure why but for some reason most of my personal projects involve some kind of elaborate/painful production process.  Current example: a self-imposed 3:30am wakeup call and a 2.5 hour round trip to Coney Island each morning.  It really is all worth it though for those ten minutes of gorgeous pre-dawn light.



Mesh - it's a classic prop for portraiture, for good reason.  So much fun to play with!  With the gorgeous Chelsea Wilson.



There's beauty everywhere

I took a moment this morning to stop and smell the...  Tar...?  Perhaps it's just the heat making me a bit crazy but I think this little melted universe is pretty.



New country, new website, new blog.

Well folks I've moved to New York City!  As part of the transition I'm taking the opportunity to rethink what type of content I'd like to display on my blog.  So although I did maintain a blog on my old Australian website, I've decided to start from scratch on this one.